Best waterfalls near Toronto that you should explore

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When one looks for the waterfalls near Toronto, the one and only name that would come to one’s mind is Niagara Falls. However, there are several other equally unique falls around Toronto that you would find quite exciting. There are multiple falls within the radius of two hours from Toronto that you would find quite interesting. We will check out a few interesting falls around and near Toronto.

Albion Falls

This is one of the largest waterfalls in Hamilton. It has a huge cascade of waterfall that fall from the height of 19 metres. It is illuminated on select days of the week or month. It is on the side of the Niagara Escarpment. Remember that it can be steeper and slippery. It should be your best destination for amazing photographs, but it would be advisable to ensure that you have reached there early enough.

Ball’s fall

The Ball’s fall is located in the conservation area. The waterfalls have an admission fee and it is quite on the cheaper side. The walk to thee falls is clearly marked and there is no way you would get lost. You would witness a huge range of historical buildings spread around. The falls are quite bigger and louder and that should make it quite impressive. It can be your best bet for the perfect picnic spot.

Chedoke Falls

The Chedoke Falls are located in one of the sections of Bruce Trail. The path here can be quite rocky. It can be one of the prime options for a pretty hike. This is definitely a great option for the best falls in Hamilton. Among over 100 waterfalls in Hamilton, this one is what can prove to be a powerful option ever. The natural beauty offered by the falls should be quite interesting and unique in every way.

Devil’s Punchbowl

This is a falls that is quite impressive in more ways than one. The bowl is quite huge and the rock striations that you would find here are quite beautiful. The hiking is quite easy and simple to follow. You would need to pay for the admission. The waterfall is located in the Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area. You would find two waterfalls here – upper and lower falls.

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Suable falls

In case you are on a road trip, the Sauble Beach is a powerful option for the popular summer town. The location is the home for the popular Sauble Falls. It can be a little smaller in comparison when compared to the other falls in this list. It can be your great location for cooling down in a summer day.

Those were just a few of the powerful destinations for the best waterfalls near Toronto. Hire the best transportation in the form of Toronto Party Bus and get access to one of the exciting experiences ever. The affordable service quality offered by the service should help you achieve one of the most unique experiences ever. Get access to an enjoyable experience and you will be in for powerful options ever.

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