How much does party bus rental cost per hour

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Party bus – that is one of the excellent options for your parties, event and other events such as birthdays, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties. But, before you hire a party bus, it may be worthwhile to give a serious thought to understand how much does the party bus rental costs per hour.

How much does a Party Bus Rental cost per Hour?

There are several factors that would affect the actual rentals for party buses. In fact, there are a few specific factors that would affect it and make the party bus rentals vary around the year. Understanding that would be first step in understanding the concept really well enough.

The Time of the Year

If the location you want to host the event has any special days, the cost would invariably more than that during other seasons of the year. The holiday seasons and wedding seasons may be a bit dearer while the off peak season can prove to be one of the lowest priced seasons.

Check if you are comfortable changing the or postponing the event to some other day or part of the year. If the events are such that they are likely to invite  a huge number of people from outside the town, the costs will definitely go up.

party bus toronto

Type of the party bus

The type of the party bus is yet another factor that can decide the right pricing you would be interested in. There are two factors here – the size of the bus and type of the bus. Both these factors can have a major say in how you would be charged for the party bus rentals.

The size of the bus can range between small, medium and full sized bus. A small sized bus can carry 30 passengers, a medium sized one 50 seats and a full sized bus should be able to carry around 60 passengers. As for the type, the cost would be determined by whether the bus is minibus, sprinter or luxury coach.

Duration of the tip

Most of the Toronto party bus operators charge the rentals based on half day and full day sessions. Under ideal conditions, the half day price would be around 60 to 65 percent of the full day booking rentals.

Most of the travel operators come with a minimum number of hours that you need to book the vehicle for. Anything lower than that period is charged for the minimum period only. Finding a party bus that will charge you exactly for ONE hour or two hours may not be possible.

Number of stops

A continuous journey will consume less fuel. Frequent stops ae bound to increase the fuel cost in almost all cases irrespective of the mileage of the bus. That would mean the number of stops will determine the hourly rentals charged to you.

It would be advisable to share the exact number of stops before you book your party bus. This would be helpful in arriving at the best options. Check out the exact rentals charged for a lower number of stops and check if the number of stops can be reduced.

Well, the party bus rentals charged per hour would be dependent on multiple factors and we would think the tips shared here should help you arrive at the right options to help you arrive at the best options.

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