Limo vs a party bus – which one should you go with

Toronto Party Bus

So, you have planned that special occasion of your life. What transportation mode would you want to go with? With the choices available in the form of Limo and party bus, it should be much practical to find a companion between the two and find the better choice among them. Let us explore he two options and pick the one that best meets your needs.

Limo vs party bus – what is the difference?

A party bus is designed for providing a fun atmosphere and it can be a great option for enjoying your party at its best. The party bus comes with extra amenities that would include luxury seating, laser lights, dance floors and any other needs. A party bus can suit a wide range of occasions and those would include wedding, birthday party, bachelor party and practically everything in between. The party buses can also have a limousine styled interiors and provide you the same experience as a limo in certain cases.

Limo on the other hand is designed to provide you that extra edge. A limo can be an affordable option if opted for in an hourly basis. If you have fewer passengers to ferry around, hiring a limo can prove to be a great option in the long run.

Party Bus Toronto

What event will suit a limo or a party bus?

Are you carrying more than 20 persons? In that case, a party bus should be something that would provide you a better degree of comfortability. If you are ferrying a smaller number of passengers, you can go with the limo vehicle. A traditional limo bus in Toronto will be able accommodate 7 to 10 passengers. A limo can bring a classy experience and look to your event or occasion.

The limo can also be a good option that should assist you in an intimate function where you have very smaller occasions. A party bus can ideally accommodate up to 36 people which would make it one of the best options for a larger occasion or event. The party bus provides you access to several advantages that would include strobing lights, dance floor, TVs, better sound system, a beverage bar are a few of the advantages that you would find to be a great option for most of the needs that you may need to go with.

The Pros and Cons of Limo and Party Bus

The Pros and Cons offered by party Bus and limo service can prove to be helpful in providing you a perfect degree of experience for almost all the expectations that you may have.

Limo Bus


  • It offers a huge privacy
  • It creates a better first impression
  • Intimacy at its best
  • The pricing


  • Space limitation
  • A very formal atmosphere

Party Bus


  • Affordable
  • It offers more space to you
  • Better privacy


  • A very large size of the bus may be a little annoying

Well, choosing the right option from among the limo and party bus can definitely prove to be one of the excellent options for providing you a great degree of performance ever. Pick the right options based on what you need among the limo bus in Toronto and a party bus in Toronto.

Toronto Party Bus

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