Ontario Science center – everything you need to know about it

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Ontario science centre has been one of the most impressive and exciting locations in Canada that you would find much exciting and unique in more ways than one. Want to get one of the best experiences at the science centre? You would definitely be looking forward to learn more about it.

Ontario Science Centre – An Overview

Ontario Science centre is one such great location that you might have been looking forward to visit for the sheer excitement that it provides. The centre les you learn more about the science, technology, engineering, and math and much more. The number of exhibits available here go beyond 500 which should make it a truly powerful option for almost each of your expectations and needs.

The centre also hosts over 150 years of Canadian explorations that would impress you to the hilt. The immersive experience that you stand to gain at the science centre would definitely make it something much unique in its right. From pacemakers to televisions to headphones – you will find all of them under one roof.


This is perhaps one of the most prominent exhibits that you would notice here. It hosts the exhibits dedicated to or science students and their research. The location also has a huge map of Canada indicating the students from different regions therein.

You would also witness a unique and exciting a 125-year-old Eastern White Pine tree trunk here. Yet another excellent option that you would perhaps come across here would be the verdant Don River Valley Ravine.

When can you visit the Ontario Science centre?

The Ontario Science Centre sells the tickets either online or at the site. It is advisable to buy your tickets in advance to ensure that there is no distraction or disturbance of any nature. The tickets sold online tend to be a little cheaper than those at the site.

You can check the timing of the center by visiting the official website. Each of the exhibits and the regions may have a differential timing. You can easily hire a party bus rental in Toronto to ensure that you reach the venue in time. In fact, the rental services offer you a highly customised service which should further make it a truly pleasurable and comfortable experience.

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Kids park at the science centre

The kid’s park located at the science centre should be yet another great option for a very pleasurable day trip with your children. He Kids Park consists of several great activities for the kids. The activities are planned in such a way that they will help them learn a few scientific concepts.

Attractions such as Touch the Sky and Shadow Theatre are a few of the great attractions that you would definitely find unique in its own right. You can choose the kids friendly activities and make them wiser.

The Ontario science center does provide you access to a host of attractions and you would definitely find it one of the most unique experiences in the long run. Check it out at least once and we are sure that you would bee in for a huge degree of experience ever.

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