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A party bus is indeed something you would find to be an enhanced experience in its own count. But, then – understanding the underlying concepts of  a party bus hiring can prove to be extremely useful in planning your events just the way they are expected to.

The prime concern when you hire a party bus is the cost and charges involved. While most of Toronto party bus operators clearly mention what is included in a contract, it would be a wiser idea to have a little information on what are the things included in a party bus quote.

What is included in a party bus rental?
Apart from the basic transportation costs, a party bus rental would include a stocked bar. The number and brand of the drinks may be suggested by you and will be made available subject to the quality. The part bus rentals can be different based on whether you are hiring them for just pick and drop service or you want them to wait at the venue till the event is over.  In most of the cases, the pricing may include the gratuity or the tips to the driver. This can go up to a maximum of 15 percent of the total value of the amount before taxation.

Other amenities included would be a romantic lighting, multi-screen TVs, music, removable dance poles and of course, a stocked bar.

toronto party bus

Is the pricing for decoration and flowers extra?

If you have any specific vendor for flowers and other decorative items, you can coordinate with your party bus operator. If the cost for decoration is included in the quote, it will not be charged extra. However, do note that the cost of decorative items is not included in the quote. However, we would advice opting for the decorations yourself as this can have multiple advantages. You can decorate the bus to your heart’ s content and can even negotiate with your florist or decorator.

What is the standard tip to be paid to the driver?

The industry standard has been to pay 15 percent of the total of the total quoted rental price. This is ideally included in your final price. If you are looking to pay an additional amount if you are satisfied with the services provided by the driver, you are not prohibited from it. The drivers hired by the Toronto party bus services are professional and committed to their duties. You will definitely want to reciprocate the services by suitably rewarding them.

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Is there any cancellation fee?

The cancellation fees would ideally be around 30 percent of the quoted price. If you come across some unavoidable circumstances and cannot hold the planned event or party, it may be a good idea to reschedule the event at no extra cost. However, you need to get in touch with the service provider well in advance for any sort of rescheduling.

Well, those were a few questions that would need attention and perhaps something you have long been trying to find answers for. Do share any other questions you may have.

Toronto Party Bus

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