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Make your wedding ride a mad fun party, and add extra allure to your big day with a wedding limousine rental in Toronto. Who would not like to experience an exotic and comfortable ride for their special occasion across Toronto? A wedding is a day with countless memories in the making that you’ll never want to forget. Wedding limousines not only add grace to the magic moments but also make things convenient. Wedding Limousines are packed with all the conveniences needed for entertainment and comfort on board. Thus, Limousines prove to be one of the best ways to make an ordinary event special. While booking a wedding-ride, there is a lot to consider! Price is a major aspect of Limousine rental. One must check out different companies to know their costs, and if possible visit them in person to take a look at the limousines and decide if they meet up the expectations.

The prices of limousine rental depend on different factors such as:

  • The Limousine Rental Company itself
  • The Type of Limousine(s) wanted
  • The Number of Limousines wanted
  • Number of Passengers
  • Season
  • Where your guests need to be picked up from (airport, hotel, etc…)
  • The Number and Location of Places you and your guests need to be taken to (hotel, church, venue, salon, etc…)
  • The Number of Luxuries and Amenities you want in each Limousine

Let’s take a closer look at some of the points:


The Limousine Rental Company

Needless to say, the expense of the limo rental is directly proportional to the reputation of the company. The company with more prestige and name in business would have costlier packages than a mediocre company. But cost should not be the only consideration for a limousine rental. Go for a reputed limousine rental company even if it means spending a few extra dollars.

Size/ Number of Passengers

The Limousine size is a dominant deciding factor for its cost. The size of a limousine is not really about its physical size but is about the number of passengers it can carry. The 16 seater limo obviously wouldn’t cost the same as the 4 seater limousine. Before you book a limousine for your wedding, decide whether it is going to be for the couple only, or for few/all guests. You can also go for two/three separate limos, one for the couple, and other for guests.

Wedding Limousine Interior 

The Number of Places to be visited

Price for limo rental greatly depends on the itinerary to be followed and the places to be visited. More the number of stops in the way, greater the price of the limousine rental. The cost also depends on how far the spots are from each other and from the base location.

The Number of Limousines

You need to be sure about the number of passengers, thus the number of limos you want to rent. Check with the limousine rental company if they have any special offers for the booking of more than one limos.

Limousine Type

Limousines come in a lot of styles. There are numerous limousine types available in the market. There are limos that can hold only 7 or 8 people while limos that might hold 20 people or more (known as Super Stretches) are also available. Some limos could be SUV’s made into limos while others might be traditional sedans. Each type will have a different expense so knowing how big a limousine you need and the type you want will be a big help.

Limousine Rental Duration

The limousine rental also depends on how long you want the limo for. Most limousines will charge you an hourly rate. Hourly rates for limos depend on the company and the limo style. At times, there is minimum time for which limo can be rented so understand that you probably can’t rent a limo for only 30 minutes.

Demand Season for Limousines

For limousine rental, certain days of the week or times of the year have a greater demand. Demand will definitely play a part in deciding the cost of your limo. Saturdays are popular wedding days so the cost of a limo is often higher because limo companies are busier. During Prom Season and Wedding Season, the demand for limousines is very high. And if you haven’t booked in advance, then you might need to pay the extra amount to book the left ones because of others willing to pay higher than the base price.


Every company has its own principles to handle gratuity. Some firms will include the gratuity in the total cost of a limo and others will add it as a separate charge when quoting the package. So when asking for a quote, make sure you ask if the tip is covered in the cost of the limo.


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