Best stylish boutique hotels in Toronto

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There have been several luxurious hotels and hotel chains that have come out in Toronto and surrounding regions. However, that has not stopped the boutique hotels from stepping up their game in improving your experience further ahead.

If you are checking out the best Boutique hotels in Toronto and around, the tips here should ideally provide you a greater input in picking the best option ever.

The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel in Toronto has been one of the prime and prominent options for everyone who is fond of art, music, food, and fun. Ever since it was launched in 2004, the brand has been actively involved in attractive the people from the creative world. The rooms provide an eye catching look and  appearance along with custom furniture and wood work.

Templar Hotel

Located in the Entertainment District, the Templar Hotel is both sleek and discreet. It should be one of the high end options for top end urban business users. The interior design here is one of the excellent options for providing you access to an enhanced experience. The 27 guest rooms have been designed for offering you access to a wide range of great options for an enhanced experience ever.

The Ivy At Verity

You will be in for an enhanced and improved experience with the European like experience for a very high degree of travel feel ever. Some of the interesting options you can have access to would include a pool, gym, 24-hour lounge, and a sophisticated bar. It is also home to George Restaurant which has been one of the top rated restaurants in Toronto. The hotel provides you access to a wide range of spa services as well.

The Anndore House

The Anndore House is one of the newest entrants to the list of the best Boutique Hotels in Toronto. It was opened in 2018 and has over 113  guest rooms and suites that range from 225 to 500-square-feet. The rooms are retro-fitted which should be yet another huge plus points. You will have access to goodnesses such as vintage photography, record players and patterns in the bathrooms that take you back in time. The charges here are quite moderate and should be the right choices for budget conscious clients.

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The Broadview Hotel

The boutique hotel comes with a unique and strong backstory and has been one of the widely known landmark in Toronto since long. The hotel does have a great appeal and has been a hot favourite with the locals and tourists alike. The café and bar at the restaurant further enhance your experience. The story and history of the building has been retained and that should definitely make it one of the prime options ever.

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