Tips for best after prom party experience

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With an unwanted increase in the prom after party activities such as sex, booze and drugs, there have been attempts by the parents and school administrations to curtail the occurrence of such incidents. From that perspective, there have been attempts to offer in home after prom parties.

We thought of sharing a few good ideas to host the best after prom parties that will not invite any unwanted vices.

Plan a party with the school

If you want to get the best party experience, it may be a good idea to host a party with your school. It can perhaps be a great idea to host a party with the larger goals such as fundraising and charity in view.

You can perhaps plan a large number of activities to make it all the more wonderful and exciting experience. Some of the practical activities include Sumo wrestling, Karaoke singing, Movies, Tattoos, virtual reality games and a lot more that your creativity can give you access to.

The party should have certain rules. The participants should arrive right in time. If they leave once, they should not be allowed to enter again. If they bring alcohol, or consume it, the parents should be notified. You can formulae your own rules as well.

Throwing a party at home

If you are planning an after prom party at home, one again make sure you follow cerin important rules. Some of the rules you can implements – in agreement with your parents – can include

  • No gate crashers shall be allowed. The party should be restricted to the people who are invited and should not extent beyond that.
  • If you find someone drinking, or has come to the party drunk, it would be a good idea to call the parent to pick them up immediately
  • No access to the rooms that you have declared off-limits.
  • No drugs, drinks and smoking allowed.
  • Leaving the party once entered and then entering again is not allowed.
  • No turning off of lights in any case

Make sure that you have alerted the neighbours well in advance. You would, of course, not want them to get disturbed. Keeping the music volume and the merriments to the minimum level so that you are not disturbing anyone would be a god idea.

toronto party buses

Plan the transportation

Hiring a good transportation option can be a good idea to ensure that the invites are at the venue right in time. It will also be helpful to make them get back home safely. Hiring a good party bus in Toronto can be a great idea to be in a better position. Toronto party bus operators are known to offer you a professional level of transportation services.

Hiring a party bus can be a safer, reliable and practically wiser option. That way, no body needs to take care of the road as the experienced driver can handle the trip rather efficiently. Hiring a crew from the party bus service provider may be a good option as that will prevent the consumption of alcohol or other unwanted activities during the travel.

An after prom party is all about enjoying the days with your friends and should never be an invitation to untoward incidents. Planning it properly can help you achieve better results.

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