Difference between hiring a party bus and a limo for a birthday party

toronto party bus

One of the most toughest tasks when making arrangements for a birthday party is in planning the transportation and logistics. If you have a lot of friends and colleagues attending your birthday party, you would perhaps be more confused and need to undertake a lot of preparatory work.

Travelling by a car is one of the prime options. But, then – how many cars will you hire? Will those separate cars ferrying your guests offer you the experience that you are looking for in terms of being together?

Then there is a choice of a party bus and a limo. Which one to go among them? Well, each of them have their own advantages and cons. Differentiating and opting for one of them will be dependent on your preferences.

Let us analyse each mode of transport and try understanding the basics of these two options.

toronto party bus

Party Bus – The Spacious travel

Hiring a party bus for a birthday party can come with following advantages.


Party buses can be expensive than the limos. However, they offer you a huge space. If you have a large group of people attending your party, a party bus would be a better option. Most of the Toronto Party Bus operators offer a competitive pricing and thus can be a great option to opt for.

The Facilities offered

The amenities offered on a party bus definitely outweigh those can be accommodated on a limo. The dance floor, crews, bar and a music system are a few of them that can put you in the party mood even before reaching the destination.


The windows are tinted and the party can continue quite privately. The driver does sit separately and you will not feel embarrassed or anything of that sort and have a blast of the party.

However, it may also have a few disadvantages as well. Since the party buses tend to be quite larger, you may have an expensive cleaning fee structure. Of course, you can work out a better fee structure based on your needs.

The Limo – A stylish way to party

Limo can be a status symbol and a better way to show off. A few of the advantages associated with a limo service can include the following.


As in the case of the party bus, no one can have access to what is happening inside a limo. The seating area of the passengers is separate from the driver’s seat and that would be yet another factor that would add up more value to the exclusive feeling of having a party.

A Better impression

Arriving at the party venue in a limo can be quite an excellent option if you want to create an impression. It will showcase you as someone who is cool and classy. If you want to show yourself as someone who is sophisticated, a limo is the right choice to go.

toronto party bus

A better closed group

A limo isn’t much large and holds a maximum of 10 persons. That would make it a great option to hang around with a closed group of people who matter the most to you. That should definitely be something of an extremely intimate experience ever.

However, the cons associated with limos can also outnumber. A travel in a limo expects you to be too formal. A party with a too formal behaviour may not be something you would be comfortable with. If you have more than  to  people with whom you want to hang out with, a limo may not be the right choice.

Well, those were just a few of the differences that would let you understand the differences between a limo and a party bus. Analyse your preferences and pick the one that best meets your needs.

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