Whats included in a Toronto party bus rental

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Well, the party bus has been one of the prime options in achieving the best standards in terms of a great traveling experience. It can as well be a great option in the long run if you are looking at the best possible experience for your events, parties, and those corporate meetings.

But what to expect when it comes to the party bus rentals? Let us check out a few critical factors that would make your party bus experience a good option when it comes to the best party bus rentals.

toronto party bus rental

What is included in a Party Bus Rental?

Well, a party bus service should not necessarily be something you need to extremely worried about. It has been considered to be one of the cost-effective means of arranging the logistics of your event. We will try answering a few questions to help you arrive at the best possible experience.

What tips should you provide for the party bus?

The rates of party bus rentals for the tips would be around 15 percent of the total quoted rental prices. In fact, you need not pay this amount extra. The amount would form part of your total bill. In fact, the most of the Toronto Party Bus services make it a point that the tips are included as part of your total bill.

Does it include the hourly wait time?

Yes. If you want your party bus to wait, the total amount is included in the bill. The drivers would be ready to take you to the next destination right away.

What are the cancellation fees?

Most of the Toronto city contracts for the party bus service would carry a 30 percent cancellation fee. However, most of the service providers offer you the rescheduling of reservations. In case you have come across something and want to cancel the reservation, you can choose to call the operator well in advance and let them reschedule the reservation. In those cases, the cancellation fee is waived off.

Are any reservation fees charged?

No. Under most of the contract agreements, you do not need to pay any reservation fees. You can schedule your party bus – right from the vehicle and the timetable (the destinations included) well in advance. Most of the Toronto Party bus services do not charge any reservation fees.

toronto party bus rental

Do the party bus rentals include alcohol?

Yes. If the customers are 21 years of age or higher, you would be able to avail of the alcohol as well. If you do, the charges would be included in the party bus rentals. The list would consist of a host of beverages, including Vodka, Bourbon, and Champagne. The added bar on the bus can be a great option in the long run. If the party is for the people under 21 years of age, you can specify non-alcoholic beverages.

Is there any minimum number of hours for party bus rental?
Yes. The minimum would be dependent on the days of the week, season, and holidays. Ideally, weekdays would come with a minimum of four hours rentals, while the Fridays and Saturdays would need a minimum of five to six hours of duration.

Well, we assume we have answered most of the questions you might have had with respect to the party bus rentals. Do share any further questions that you may have and share them with us!

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